The Classic (Joan’s favorite)
Everything bagel with cream cheese, cold smoked salmon, 
red onion, capers and tomato 110 kr

The Pioneer (Anna’s Favorite)
Everything bagel with Cream cheese, hot smoked salmon nuggets,
tomato, capers and red onions 110 kr

City Girl (Elizabeths favorite)
Everything bagel with Tuna salad
romaine lettuce, red onion and tomato 100 kr

The Hangover (Anonymous)
Everything bagel with egg salad,
romaine lettuce, salt & pepper 100 kr

The Standard (All New Yorkers Favorite)
Everything bagel with omelette, double dose of smoked ham,
American cheese, chive cream cheese, salt and pepper 110 kr
Anyway you like it (we want you to be happy)

Flat Iron
Fresh herb roasted turkey breast, swiss cheese, crispy lettuce, tomato
red onion and mayonnaise, sea salt & pepper on a poppy seed bagel 110 krr

Twins  One bagel 2 ways, one half egg salad, one half Tuna 110 kr

The Schmecky (Lynns favorite)
Smoked Salmon cream cheese, onion and tomato  82 kr

The Bronx (Jimmy’s favorite)
Sesame bagel with chive cream cheese 78 kr

The Ex (won’t say which one) Vegan option available
Everything bagel with chive cream cheese,
tomato and sea salt 78 kr

The Writer (Kimmy Boo favorite)  Vegan option available
Everything bagel with vegan chive
cream cheese, tomato,
sea salt and pepper 80 kr

Wonder Woman (Jeanine’s favorite)  Vegan option available
Everything bagel, Jalapeño cream cheese,
lettuce, tomato, onion and sea salt 78 kr

The Om (Helens favorite) Vegan option available
Toasted cinnamon raisin with cream cheese 69 kr

My Boy (Lukas’s favorite)
Toasted cinnamon raisin with grass fed butter
(sometimes jelly) 62 kr

Big Brother (Michaels favorite)
Chocolate chip with cream cheese.
Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 72 kr

Brunch Platter
The Classic, toasted bagel, cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, capers, in our own vinaigrette 120 kr

Ketos Platter
Lettuce, tomato, onion, scoop of tuna salad, roasted pumpkin seeds, and scoop of egg salad and hot smoked salmon nuggets jimmy & Joans own vinergarette 120 kr 

Ketos Platter De-Lux
Lettuce, tomato, onion, scoop of tuna salad,
scoop of egg salad and hot smoked salmon nuggets 130 kr





Classic Caesar Salad (with a twist)
Romaine lettuce, bagel croutons, bacon, red onion,
and Turkey Breast 120 kr

Chefs Salad
Mixed greens, Sliced Turkey, Sliced Smoked Ham, Swiss cheese, Red Onion, Hard Boiled Egg, Tomato and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and with Jimmy & Joan’s Vinegarette 120 kr

Smoked Salmon Nuggets
Classic110 kr
Chili Garlic 120 kr


New York Cheesecake with fresh blueberry compote72 kr
Coconut and Lemon layer cake 68 kr
Red Velvet Cupcakes (when available) 45 kr
Chocolate Chip Cookie  40 kr
Vegan brownie with cranberries (when available) 50 kr 


Cream Soda, Root Beer,
Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Cane Cola  38 kr

Orange Juice 40 kr 

Bullet Proof Coffee (amazing) 52 kr

Fresh Brewed (‘State of Mind’ by de Matteo)
Small 35 kr
Large 38 kr 

Coffee  48 kr
Tea  45 kr


Unfortunately at this time and due to the high production cost and restricted space, we are unable to sell more than 3 loose bagel per customer – We are working very hard to resolve this.








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Caesar Salad (with a twist) now available!

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